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My teaching is very project-based and interactive: group projects for which the students received several rounds of feedback throughout the course are part of almost every course I have taught so far.

At the ICMB, I am currently responsible for teaching the "Practical Training in Research" (Forschungspraktikum), and 8 credit course that teaches advanced BA students how to conduct their own research project and describe their findings. In 2022, the topic of this course was "Fake and genuine grassroots movements on social media" (syllabi for the first (spring) and second (fall) semester), the topic of the upcoming fall course will be "Government propaganda? How and what actors affiliated with the government communicate on social media."

At HKUST, I have taught "The World of Politics", a course consisting of lectures introducing Political Science to undergraduates from different fields, and "Introduction to Social Network Analysis", a course that combines lectures and lab sessions to teach undergraduates and other interested students how to analyze and visualize relational data. Both courses featured group projects for which the students received continuous feedback throughout the semester.  I have developed the syllabus for the latter based on my Social Network Analysis textbook published by SAGE.

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